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The current downloadable build is a really early alpha demo of the game. Tons has changed in the art, gameplay and story, but I'm leaving the old demo up for now until a new build is ready. Bugs still exist, settings are missing, and there is a ton of fine-tuning left to be done. Any and all feedback is encouraged and welcome! Thanks!

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Prompts are for XBOX controllers at the moment, but keyboard/mouse is fully mapped too.


Move: D-PAD/Left Analog
Jump: A
Dodge: B
Interact: R1
Attack: X
Block: L1
Inventory: Start
Inventory Prev/Next Tab: L1/R1


Move: WASD/Arrow Keys
Jump: Space / W / Up Arrow
Dodge: Shift/CTRL
Interact:  F
Attack: 1/LMB
Block: 2/RMB
Inventory:  Esc
Inventory Prev/Next Tab:  Q/E


The Cork is a 2D Action-RPG set in a world that draws inspiration from classic Metroidvania platformers (with a heavy emphasis on vania) and the deliberate, challenging combat of Souls-likes.

Players take on the role of Salem Cairnwright, a member of the Ravencourt clan tasked with escorting Revenants through the dangerous Dead City of Kinsbane. Salem is able to befriend more Revenants along his journey and utilize their unique abilities to navigate the massive interconnected world.


  • Beautifully animated pixel art that provides a sense of scale and breathes life into the kingdom beyond the wall.
  • A massive non-linear world to explore with new discoveries and challenges around every corner.
  • Fair and challenging combat that requires calculation as much as might.
  • Encounter allies along the way, accept side quests and be rewarded!
  • Upgrade your capabilities by equipping new weapons, armor and accessories.
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux


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Small demo of a metroidvania with quite peculiar pixel art aesthetics, it is curious the choice that the character and other humanoids are so small that only a few pixels represent them, but instead it gives a feeling that everything else is gigantic what I makes you curious about the world you could build. Unfortunately, I am not completely convinced about the mechanics of blocking or I did not fully understand it since it was very difficult for me to attack and defend myself, being more effective to hit and run or simply avoid the possible combats, another detail is that it did not seem to respond very well well to the gamepad since I felt that the movement was a bit stuck at times, for example at the 4:40 time of the video, but in general I see potential.

I really love this. Are there any plans for a new demo build anytime soon?

Hey thanks!  I'm working up to a new demo, but I can't really say when it'll be ready. I do know that the game is quite different these days : )

Ah cool, I was thinking about covering it on Alpha Beta Gamer, but was unsure whether to wait for a new build or not.  If there's not a build coming anytime soon then I'll just cover this one.  :)

Very nice, and accessible gameplay even if I am bad.Very charming.i played on keyboard. I will keep it if i buy a new gamepad.

I finally played the demo and here are my notes:

  • Graphics + Music = Great Mood, sprites (player, enemies, items, anything that players can interact with) could be a bit more saturated or brighter to distinguish them better from the background (perhaps It’s an issue only on my display?).
  • Nice idea with how the boss at the end blocks the path.
  • I was able to finish the demo without picking up the sword! But I think I had to deal the exact same number of hits to the boss?
  • Fighting human enemies is fairly unsatisfying because I couldn’t clearly see when they’re about to attack. Perhaps a little visual effect (flash, sparks) could help.
  • Animation for picking up items felt too slow and I had to stand right over them which made It a bit tricky.
  • I can leave an area by walking through the edge of the screen at any time but I can’t enter an area through a door when I’m fighting? Seemed odd to me.

Overall - positive experience, I’d gladly play more. :)

The osx version is unfortunately giving the error

> The application “The Cork” can’t be opened.

The art looks really pleasant from the screenshots on this page though, and I'm excited to play it :)


Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it and see what's up!

Of course! If you're having trouble replicating it or want details from my end just lmk and I'll be happy to help.


Love the game so far, I will never get tired of 2d soulslikes.  I especially like the low-fi pixel art.

The only thing that bothered me is that the game didn't pause when you access inventory.  I know this is a holdover from Souls, but as someone with a child/family, I have had many deaths in the souls series because I have to address something irl and can't pause the game.

Wishlisted and will still buy regardless, but something to think about for quality of life.

Hey, I did a video on your game. Thought it was great. 


Thanks! Great video, I hope you enjoyed it despite the difficulty!

I love everything about this game!!! The tiny pixel art style is pretty beautiful... Good job :D

The Cork is an awesome Platformer with beautiful pixel art!

I was playing this with a keyboard and it was kinda annoying to not know what did what so pls add the keyboard controls is your description.

The atmosphere u guys have made is really cool and the art was amazing really diged that

The boss fight need a bit more mechanics because right now its just hit once go back hit once go back.

It would be really cool if u added some enemies that requires more tactics then hit back hit back.

And one more question is the enemies suppose to respawn when u drink for the fountain?